established 1754, working towards eternity




Guinston's beliefs are rooted in the Bible.  They are restated in many of the traditional creeds and confessions such as the Nicene Creed, the Apostles' Creed, and the Westminster Confession.


Some beliefs we hold to be true are listed here concisely for your examination.


Biblically Based: The people at Guinston base all beliefs and teachings squarely on the foundation of God's inerrant Word, the Bible.


Community Oriented: When God created humans, He did so in His image, male and female. God created people to live in community with one another, and the tradition of community continues here.


Life Affirming: Guinston's leadership agrees that life is a precious gift from God and, from the moment of conception to the point of natural death, no one but God Himself has the right to end a life.


Pro-Family: In recent decades many people have fought to change the idea of God's plan for families. The leadership believes that God has made it clear through many scriptures that husband and wife need to be united in love for a life time. This is God's best plan and hope for families.


Truth Affirming: In a day in which absolute Truth is considered absent and in a society whose moral epitome is tolerance, Guinston affirms that not only is there Truth, but God has revealed it to us through His inspired Word, the Bible, and the Word in the flesh, Jesus Christ.


Additionally, many of the essentials of our faith can be found here.

The Moore Family


In September of 2003, Guinston brought a young, spirited pastor to help revitalize the congregation.  The Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Moore has a passion for youth ministry and a love for all people.  His desire is to make God's love, revealed through Scripture, more real and refreshing.


Daniel loves being creative while holding to the Biblical Truths uncompromising.  He hopes to increase faith and inspire holiness in the hearts of growing Christians.  He wants to equip the people at Guinston to look at modern culture and art with a biblical worldview.  And he seeks God's will for the Church in the new millennium.


Daniel-having graduated with two theological degrees, lived in China for a year, been trained as an army officer, and traveled globally-is not your ordinary minister.  He loves an adventure and is always ready for a good laugh.  Daniel's passion for Truth is evidenced by his messages, which are presented in a style that captures the imagination of children and adults alike.

Guinston, founded in 1754, was a church before America was a nation.  Consider what this congregation has witnessed and participated in over the years.  It endured the early stages of colonization in a forest wilderness.  It saw America transform into a great and independent nation.


At the same time our charter members built the first log church, a discouraged twenty-two year old named George Washington nearly died from Indian attacks, hardships and the dangers of travel.  In 1773, while plans were made to construct our great stone building, the British were imposing punishments as a result of the Boston Tea Party.  This stone building remains standing and is used for worship services intermittently throughout the year.


In 1867, a Sabbath School was established and steps were taken to erect a new church building to replace the 1773 stone building.  Additional land was purchased and a brick structure was erected.  Tragically, on November 17th 1946, this building, which had withstood the elements of 78 years, was destroyed by fire.  With the aid of the Board of Missions of the United Presbyterian Church and the self-sacrificing liberality of members and of friends within and without the community Guinston's current church building was completed in 1949.


Guinston has continued as a congregation while political parties have risen and fallen, many wars were fought, slavery was abolished, man explored space, and thousands of new technologies have emerged.  However, through it all Guinston has remained a steadfast family of faith that loves each other and the Lord.  May God continue to bless Guinston for many years to come.


If you are interested in learning more about Guinston's rich history, you can purchase an extensive history book created by Guinston's Historical Committee.


a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

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