2024 Glen Maughlin Scholarship Application

The Glen Maughlin Scholarship is given in memory of a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, whose untiring help has been a great blessing to Guinston Presbyterian Church.

Scholarships are awarded to Guinston members and those in regular attendance for post-secondary education.  Awards will be made at varying levels. Students may reapply each year.  This form must be returned by Sunday, April 28, 2024 either printed or electronically, to Scott Wright (swright100@hotmail.com). 

REQUIREMENTS: Scholarships are awarded to members and those in regular attendance at Guinston. Scholarship awards are based on the amount available in a given year and will be distributed between chosen candidates.  Applicants may apply up to 4 times with a maximum award of $2,000. 

Scholarships, if awarded, are mailed directly to the financial department of the institution.

If you have applied before and received this award, please check     YES______   What Year(s)_________________

Applicant’s Name:

Permanent Address:

Phone:                                                                        Age:

Year of schooling you will start in Summer or Fall of 2024:

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Student ID Number (we need it to see scholarship gets to the right student):

Institution Name:

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Date of Graduation:

Please write approximately a one-page statement of your career ambitions and the factors which have gone into your decisions.