Outreach / Mission 

Bible Distribution

Ensuring every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to read the infallible word of God is a mission of utmost importance.  Because of its importance, Guinston supports organizations like The Gideons International as they distribute Bibles around the world.  If you don’t have a Bible and would like one to read, we invite you to join us for worship Sunday morning and we would be glad to provide you with one.  Joining in worship and Sunday school will help you better understand it better.  Helping people understand and apply God’s word in their lives is very important to us.

Local Community Service

As a witness to the community we support our local volunteer organizations like Airville Volunteer Fire Company, New Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company, and Brogue Ambulance.

The volunteers put their lives on the line and we appreciate that.  In addition to supporting our local heroes, Guinston also supports our nation’s military through prayer and giving to Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc., and the York County Veterans Treatment Court.

“The Deacons” -Guinston’s ministry team helps to meet the needs of local members in our community. These committed servants pray for people, try to identify areas we can help with and then move forward with a coordinated plan with the families to meet these needs.

Servants, Inc. a local “Habitat for Humanity” like organization that helps elderly, disabled, and needy families with home repair projects.

Feeding the Hungry

In Matthew 25 Jesus makes it clear how important it is that we care for each other and help those in need.  Ultimately he says, any act of kindness shown to another person is something He considers an act of kindness to Himself (Matt 25:40).  It is for this reason that we make an effort to meet the physical needs of those in our community.  In addition to supporting a few local families with food, and financial support, we also support several local food ministries such as:  Life PathMason-Dixon Food LockerBethany-Stonepile Food PantryOur Daily Bread, Salvation Army Pathway to Hope, and Red Lion Community Reach.

Health And Wellness

As Christians we know that our body is a temple to the Holy Spirit.  For this reason we also support ministries that care for the health and well being of individuals such as the American Cancer Society.

We also support the ministry of Human Life Services as they minister to women with crisis pregnancies.  We recognize that every life is precious to God…the life of an unborn child as well as the life and well being of the mother in tough circumstances.  Human Life Services works to preserve life and support women in need.

We support the Katallasso Family Health Center. Katallaso in Greek means reconciliation. At Katallasso Family Health Center (FHC) reconciliation is at the core of what we aspire to do. By building trust through aggressively sought out relationships, we will work to help people reconcile with God, family, Church, and their neighborhood using a biblical model. We believe that these four relationships fully functioning together allow people to live a fulfilled life stretching a person beyond what they believe they currently are capable of doing. This will all be done through the vehicle of health care and wellness programs.

Because the congregation has needs as well, we have called and installed a certified parish nurse.  She is in worship regularly on Sunday and is ready for consultation as needed.  Sue willingly gives those in need rides to doctor’s appointments and sits with them to help them interpret the situation.

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Children and Youth Ministries

The church sponsors children from Gospel for Asia and Compassion International.

Intervarsity:  The Intervarsity ministry at York College helps to reach out to college students and help them draw closer to Christ during their college years rather than the more typical wandering from Christ.

New Life for Girls and New Life Center for Mothers and Children:  New Life for Mother and Children and New Life for Girls, together form a Christian discipleship program. It is committed to meeting the emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic needs of women with life controlling problems such as drugs and alcohol. The Mothers and Children come directly from New life for Girls once they have successfully completed the required instruction to continue the program. This is a gospel based ministry that incorporates the whole being of those enrolled in the program. This includes mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Guinston supports House of Hope in Glen Rock, who ministers to young ladies coming out of abusive situations. It provides residential living, as well as non-residential counseling for teens and families.

International Ministries

Through “The Great Commission” (Matt 28:18-20) Jesus makes it clear that our responsibility is more than just our local neighbors. We are to support the spread of the Gospel around the world. It is for this reason that we support gospel based missions work around the world.

Mike and Kay Killar and their family with Woman at Risk International work in Thailand to help prostitutes escape that life and find true love in Jesus Christ. The Killars also teach those in the program marketable skills necessary to survive.

The Ramsey family founded LATCOM in Bolivia nearly half a century ago and they continue to work with the indigeonous peoples to spread the Good News through many different venues: building homes in the jungle, running a retreat center, and leadership development courses for government agencies using the Bible as the core curriculum for ethics.

The Ethiopian Outreach Ministry, based in York, PA, broadcasts radio over all of Africa, most of the Middle East, and Europe declaring messages to Ethiopeans around the world. They also have a prolific publication arm that sends tracks, pamphlets, and other written material to Ethiopian enclaves abroad.

G and C are missionaries in a sensitive area working with an oppressed people group in a Middle Eastern, Muslim nation. Because of security their names, the nation, and the people group they are working with will not be listed here.

J and G are working in another sensitive area in a Muslim nation. They are in Africa. Because of security, their names, and the nation in which they are working will not be listed here.

S and Z are missionaries in a sensitive area working with an oppressed people group in an Asian nation. Because of security their names, the nation, and the people group they are working with will not be listed here.

Rob and Lisa MacEwen are professors at Tyndale Theological Seminary in the Netherlands. Tyndale Theological Seminary is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary that prepares students for ministries as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church planters and denominational leaders around the world. Tyndale is unique in that the school was not only founded by missionaries, but continues to be run by missionary faculty and staff. All residential faculty–from the newest assistant professor to the president–are missionaries supported by individuals, families and churches through various mission agencies.

A and A, are working diligently at a mission outreach to the people in the Northern Caucus region of Souther Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. They are EPC missionaries and will be reaching out to some of the unreached people in that region. Due to security reasons their identity and specifics of their work are not posted here.

In Haiti, we support Louis Destine and a network of missionaries and pastors who work together to equip, train, motivate, and spread the Gospel in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Through Louis we are helping to build a school in Makety, to support medical missions, Gospel training events, and outreach programs.

Support is provided to Peter Thiumai and the network of missionaries and pastors in northeast India and neighboring countries like Bhutan, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, China, and Nepal. Through our contacts with Peter, Guinston has been able to finance the building of two new churches in addition to many other projects.

In addition, we support Elijah and Mercy Thiumai who run the Elim Academy in Tripura, India providing for Muslim and Hindu children a good education and sharing the love of Jesus with them and their families.

Support is provided to Tanthui and Ruth Thiumai who pastor two churches in Darjeeling, India and minister to the locals according to their needs.

The Eden Institute, India, is assisted by paying the salary of one teacher each year.

Nathan and Laurel Conrad are supported in their work among the Baku people in rural Cameroon, evangelizing and church planting.

Special Recognition

Veteran’s Recognition Service – The Sunday before or after November 11 (Veteran’s Day) Guinston takes time to recognize and thank the veterans of the congregation for their military service. The vets lead the worship service and collect a special offering to give to a military ministry of their choosing.

Souper Bowl Sunday – The first Sunday in February a special offering is taken during a soup luncheon and designated for a ministry focused on hunger.

Ecumenical Thanks Giving Service is done in conjunction with other local churches the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving. The offering taken is given to a local ministry that helps families in our community.

Guinston Gutters Volunteers

Like most of the country, Guinston was shocked and saddened in 2005 with the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.  So, Guinston decided to send a mission team to provide direct aid to the disaster victims.  Guinston calls this mission team the Guinston Gutters Volunteers.  The teams consist of ordinary people giving a week of their time to travel to impacted areas and to do the challenging work of debris clearance, house gutting, and rebuilding. Through this work, Guinston has been able to reach out and help one family at a time with restoring their homes and in turn their lives.

Over the years since  2005, we have responded to other storm and flood disaster sites from the New Jersey shore to Goodlettsville, TN.  We have also  sent teams to aid the residents and churches on the Lower Brule and Crow Creek Sioux reservations in South Dakota.

When not engaged in distant disaster missions the Gutters have turned their attention closer to home; there are many local families and ministries in need of repairs and renovations.

Chronicles of our major mission trips beginning in 2005 may be viewed HERE.

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